Important links and forms:

1. Madison County bus training schedule - click HERE. To register for a training, email Rachel Lewis at or call 618.296.4535.

2. Very important: please call this number: 618.296.4530 to make an appointment for a background check before doing anything else. 

3. Fingerprint Authorization form - click HERE.

4. Bus driver physical paperwork - Click HERE.

6. "Bus On The Lookout" wallet card - click HERE.

7. School Bus Driver Employer Notification/Removal Form - click HERE.

8. School bus accident reporting:

The Bus Accident Report Form is available when reporting a school bus accident that involves your district’s transportation services (whether the buses are provided internally or through contractual services).

Please download this ISBE form and complete all information. A copy of this form, along with a copy of the police report, should be sent to:

Madison County Regional Office of Education 41
Attention: Rachel Lewis, Bus Driver Training Coordinator
157 N. Main St., Suite 438
Edwardsville, IL  62025

NOTE: DO NOT submit this form directly to the Illinois State Board of Education. It must be sent to your local Regional Office of Education.

If you have further questions about bus accidents, please contact Rachel Lewis at 618.296.4535.

9. The School Safety Drill Report in an Excel format is HERE and in a .pdf format is HERE.

10. The bus driver training manual is HERE in a .pdf format.