School Bus Driver Permit forms:

1.     School Bus Driver Application/Certification. Use this form to apply to the Illinois secretary of State for a School Bus Driver Permit.

2.     Madison County school bus training schedule for the eight hour Initial or the two hour Refresher school bus trainings, contact Rachel Lewis to register or 618.296.4535.

The school bus driver training curriculum is HERE in a .pdf format.

3.     School Bus Physical form - Click HERE.

4.     Fingerprint Authorization form - click HERE.       

The Madison County ROE offers this service for school bus drivers.  To make an appointment, call 618-296-4530.

The Illinois Department of Transportation requires all paperwork required for a School Bus Driver Permit to be in paper form and ready for an IDOT inspection, for a minimum of two years.

Other forms:

1.     School bus accident reporting:

The Illinois State Board of Education requires your local ROE to keep a file of all school bus accidents within their service area. Madison County transportation districts and companies you can mail a copy of all school bus accident forms (ISBE and Police) to:

Madison County ROE 41
Attn: Rachel Lewis
157 N. Main St., Suite 438
Edwardsville, IL  62025

Further questions about bus accidents, contact Rachel Lewis at 618.296.4535.

2.     The state of Illinois requires all schools in this state that transport students to implement a school bus safety training for all enrolled students. The Illinois State Board of Education required your local ROE to keep a file of all safety trainings for students within their service area.

This training should consist of instruction in safe riding practices as well as an evacuation experience for students at all grade levels.

Safety Training & Drill Report in Excel format, HERE and .pdf format HERE.

3.     School Bus Driver Employer Notification/Removal Form - click HERE.

4.     Illinois drivers receive training to be on the lookout for any signs of trafficking.

"Busing on the Lookout" wallet card - click HERE