The ROE #41 office offers public electronic fingerprinting facility using Livescan technology on MondaysTuesdays & Wednesdays by appointment only.

Hours: 9:00am – 4:00pm

How to get started

  • You must bring a mask to wear during your fingerprinting.
  • Bring a government–issued photo ID
  • Bring the fee of $42.00. We accept cash ONLY.
  • We will capture your fingerprints and supply you with a copy of your form with your Transaction Control Number (TCN) you will need for your particular application process
  • Your fingerprints are sent directly to the Illinois State Police where they are processed and sent to the appropriate agency.

Concealed Carry Permits and Concealed Carry Instructors

Substitute Teachers

  • Substitute Teacher Fingerprint Form acrobatsymbol2
  • We will mail you a copy of your Illinois State Police and FBI fingerprint results. You will disperse them to local school districts as necessary.
  • Please note: If you are applying to a new school district, you must be fingerprinted within one calendar year of employment.
  • If you have lost your fingerprint results, a new copy is $3.00.

IDFPR Licenses

  • Public Fingerprint Form acrobatsymbol2
  • Web site
  • Please follow instructions on your application on how to submit your fingerprint TCN. Most applications require you to submit a copy of your receipt which has your TCN on it. We supply you with a cash receipt as well as a copy of your form with your TCN on it.
  • We fingerprint for Adam Walsh Act, Early Intervention Services, Liquor Licenses, Massage Therapists, Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Professional Nurses, Live Scan Fingerprint Vendors, Locksmiths, Private Alarm Contractors, Private Detectives, Private Security Contractors, Security Guards, PERC Cards, and Vehicle Dealer Licenses
  • Please contact us if your licensed profession is not listed above as we may be able to fingerprint you, too!

UCIA Fingerprint Submissions

  • UCIA Fingerprint Form acrobatsymbol2
  • UCIA is a fingerprint submission that is State Only. While most professional licenses are required to have State and FBI results.
  • UCIA is typically used when a business owner would like to fingerprint their employees or possibly parents fingerprinting a babysitter.
  • The cost for UCIA Fingerprinting is $25.00 - Cash Only

1. What if my fingerprints were rejected at the Illinois State Police level?

  • You must come back and get re-fingerprinted and pay the fee of $42.00 cash again. If you were sent to be fingerprinted by a school district for a full time position, they will typically cover this cost.

2. What if my fingerprints were accepted at the Illinois State Police level but rejected at the FBI Level?

  • You must come back and get re-fingerprinted as FBI only which is a $10.00 cash fee. If you were sent to be fingerprinted by a school district for a full time position, they will typically cover this cost.

3. What if my fingerprints were rejected a second time?

  • MOST of the time, we are able to do a name based check with two rejected fingerprint results at the Illinois State Police and FBI level. However, some professional licenses require you to be re-fingerprinted until they decide to do a name-based check themselves! Feel free to contact us with more questions.

4. What if I lost my fingerprint receipt?

  • You may come back and get a copy of your fingerprint receipt or call and receive the TCN over the phone. Many Professional Licenses require a paper copy of the receipt to be mailed with all other required forms.

5. I was fingerprinted for one professional licenses, can't you use the results for a different one?

  • No. Your fingerprints are captured and sent for one specific purpose, whether it be for substitute teaching, concealed carry or an IDFPR license. You are issued a TCN which reflects that single purpose. You must be re-fingerprinted for any other professions.

6. I have been waiting on my fingerprint results for weeks, what is going on?

  • Fingerprint results can take up to 30 days to be processed. If you feel as if you have waited long enough, you may call the Illinois State Police customer service at 815-740-5160. Press 2 for customer service. Once you get a representative, you may present them with your TCN and ask about your results. You may also call us at the Regional Office of Education.

7. Will the photo you took during my fingerprint process be applied to my Concealed Carry application?

  • No. The photo was taken for your fingerprint file only.