Residential Treatment and Education

The ROE 41 Lighthouse Educational Assistance Program (LEAP) serves as the educational arm of Chestnut Health System's adolescent inpatient treatment program (at their facility) in Maryville, IL (map). The LEAP program's primary goal is to create a safe and positive learning environment for all students. LEAP maintains close contact with the student's home school while the student is in treatment. When residential treatment is completed at Chestnut Health Systems, students will return to their home school and continue their education.

Inpatient Services provided by Chestnut Health System

Inpatient services are designed for youth (ages 13-18) who need more clinical services than Chestnut's outpatient programs provide. This level of care in appropriate for young people who need a structured and supportive living environment to maintain recovery from alcohol or drug problems and require more intensive daily clinical services to help prevent further impact on their physical and emotional health. In addition to LEAP's onsite school programming, Chestnut's inpatient program offers:

  • 24 hour clinical supervision
  • Individual, group, and family counseling
  • Catered meals
  • Recreational facilities
  • Access to self-help groups
  • Aftercare planning
  • Psychiatric services

LEAP's Dedicated Faculty and Staff

LEAP's direct service staff consists of special and general education teachers and a program assistant. Our teachers are credentialed through the Illinois State Board of Education.


Sociology is designed to promote and provide information to the students on social issues and development as it relates to them as young men and women. It includes learning about social problems with our society and culture, personal relationships, and cultural awareness.

Science is taught with an emphasis placed on learning basic concepts pertaining to Biology and Chemistry. Biology related curricula include the study of cells, genetics, evolution, ecosystems, anatomy, evolution, bacteria and viruses. Chemistry related topics include the study of elements, atoms and compounds.

Mathematics is taught with an emphasis placed upon improvement of basic skills. Upon enrollment students are given a QUIC test for math skills and instructional materials are then assigned according to their current skill level.

This course is designed to give students a basic understanding of health facts and to cultivate sound health and safety habits in addition to understanding the specific dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. This course provides a basic understanding of the structure and function of the human body, disorders, diseases, and injuries that affect the mind and body.

Life Skills is designed to promote and provide information to make good choices for students as they face various issues on the way to adulthood. Life Skills includes decision making, problem solving, educational goals, vocational interests, adult living, communication skills, and consumer education to enhance growth and development.

In American History, students will develop historical knowledge and cultural understanding in America. This includes learning to appreciate the motives of the people and the forces that have molded our nation. Students will also understand the diverse cultures that have developed and helped shape American society and to respect the many groups in America today.

This course gives every student an opportunity to become unified physically, mentally, and socially by developing the areas of knowledge, attitude, and practice. Physical Education hopes to promote civic responsibility by teaching the rules of games and sports, to abide by these rules, to respect the rights of others, to be cautious, and to acknowledge the need for authority. (LEAP has both indoor and outdoor facilities including a full size gymnasium.)

English/Language Arts will help students develop and refine reading and writing skills. Students will be exposed to a variety of high-interest reading selections.

Contact Information

Regional Office of Education 41: 618.296.4530 or email HERE.

Chestnut Health Services - Maryville Facility:

2148 Vadalabene Drive
Maryville, IL  62062
618.288.3371 (Fax)

For a LEAP brochure click HERE.

Video: Talking With Your Teen About Alcohol & Drugs (4:19)