Create a new ELIS log in and password (if you have not done so):

• Go to
• Click on "Teacher"
• Click on " Login to ELIS"
• Click on “Educator Access, Login to your ELIS Account”
• Fill out all personal information required and click continue
• On the next screen, you will have a confirmation screen – click continue.
• You have now created your ELIS account and can view your license, apply for new endorsements, and update your personal information.

Professional Development Requirements:

1. To enter all professional development earned prior to July 1, 2014, please refer to the following link for guidance:

2. Guidelines for Professional Development earned after July 1, 2014 can be found at the following link:


• Will be audited randomly by The Illinois State Board of Education.
• Must enter into ELIS the name of the activities completed, the date on which it occurred, the number of professional development hours received and the name of the provider. Only PD offered by approved providers will count. The lists of professional development activities and “purposes” are no longer necessary. Any PD activity offered by an approved provider is acceptable. If it is found that a provider is not offering PD that aligns to the new requirements, that entity must immediately comply or sanctions may be imposed. However, educators will not lose any credits earned. Approved providers will issue Evidence of Completion Forms to educators for use as proof of professional development. Please retain these for auditing purposes. An official transcript will be acceptable as evidence if you are using classes for professional development.
• Illinois Administrators' Academy courses will be entered in ELIS by the provider rather than the licensee;
• May not receive credit for any professional development activity that is designed for entertainment, promotional or commercial purposes; or that is solely inspirational or motivational.
3. Professional Development providers will change. Please refer to the following link for provider information.
4. If you are retired, or are not working full time in an Illinois Public School- Click on “Click Here to update your PD/Employment Status”. You will then update the effected years. If you are retired, mark “Retired”. You will be able to substitute with your license in “Retired” status. You will not owe renewal fees or professional development to renew. If you are not working full-time in an Illinois Public School, mark “Exempt” for years effected. You will owe renewal fees to renew, and your professional development hours will be adjusted. If you have not worked in an Illinois Public School fulltime for the full 5 year cycle, you will not owe any professional development.

Registering Your Professional Educator License on ELIS:

Renewal can only be done starting on April 1st the year your license is due. The record of a license validity is available on your ELIS Home screen or under Credentials.
To Renew: If you have entered your Professional Development, a Renewal will appear on your Home Screen. Click on the Renew link. You will be prompted to verify your information, and to pay a fee and online convenience fee via Credit Card. (There are no other options for payment other than credit card at this time.)
Renewals are due by June 30th of the renewal year. You will be considered LAPSED and cannot be in the classroom if you are not renewed by August 31st.

If you have any questions, please call the ROE at 618-296-4530.