IMPORTANT: Please be aware that ISBE will be developing new rules to accompany recent changes to state law, effective July 1, 2015, regarding educator licensure (see Public Act 99-0058). Information provided in this document is subject to change.

1. If you hold a valid out-of-state educator license, you will qualify for an Illinois Educator License with Stipulations, Provisional Educator (ELS PEDU) if you also meet other Illinois minimum requirements.

  • A minimum of a bachelor's degree
  • A minimum of 15 hours in your content area
  • No grade below a "C"

2. Log into the Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS) at

  • Click on “Teachers”
  • Click on “Log in to Elis”
  • Click on “Educator Access”
  • Click on “Sign Up Now” on the left side of the page
  • Once you fill in all of the required fields, click on “continue”.
  • Once logged into ELIS, you will click on “Apply for an Illinois Professional Educator License” (PEL) and follow the application wizard. Application fee is $150.00 plus transaction fee.
  • If you have not met all of the Illinois requirements for the PEL, ISBE will automatically issue the ELS PEDU*.

Documents Required for Evaluation:

  • Send official transcripts and a copy of your out-of-state license, either to your ROE (preferred) or to ISBE in Springfield.
  • Send Form #80-02 - Completion of Standards Verification, to your University, which can be found at - Beginning July 1, 2013, Illinois requires additional coursework in reading methods and content area reading, special education methods and ESL methods. This coursework can be imbedded into other coursework that you completed as part of your out-of-state approved program as verified by your university. If you were required to take a test of basic skills for issuance of your out-of-state license as verified by your university, the Illinois test or basic skills test will be waived. To verify this information, the completed form is sent directly from the university to ISBE, per instructions on the top of the form.
  • If your test of basic skills was taken in a different state than the state where you completed your approved educator prep program, you will need to use form #80-03.

If you are a teacher you will be required to pass an evidence based assessment of teacher performance (edTPA) while you are employed on your ELS PEDU. The edTPA will be waived if you were required to take it for issuance of your out- of-state license. It can also be waived if you provide evidence, at the time of application, of having at least one year of full-time teaching experience and having achieved a “proficient” or higher rating, or the equivalent, on your most recent performance evaluation. Use form #80-01 or form #80-01A to request a waiver of the edTPA, which can be found at:

*The ELS PEDU (Provisional Educator), valid for one fiscal year, will be issued if you meet the above requirements. If a test of basic skills (if applicable), and the content test are passed within this one year period, the license will be extended automatically for one additional fiscal year, during which time, all other deficiencies must be met. No application or fee is needed for this extension. If tests are not passed within the first fiscal year, the license will expire.
Under current rules, if you meet all requirements within one calendar year from the date the ELS PEDU is issued, ISBE will automatically issue the PEL. Professional educator licenses are subject to renewal requirements.

Limitations: Those who complete an alternative program out-of-state cannot obtain the professional educator license unless they completed a state-approved program. (Not available for general administrative.)

Renewable: Yes, for two years if the holder of the license has not help a position in a public school or non public school recognized by ISBE. Educators must submit form 80-04: Request to Renew Educator License with Stipulations-Provisional Educator. The form cannot be submitted before February 15, 2018, but it must be received by ISBE prior to the license's expiration date (June 30, 2018); otherwise, the license will expire and cannot be renewed.